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KKS Charité

We provide a information about the history of the KKS Charité below,

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About us

The KKS Charité was founded in 2002 by an aid program of the Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) and started it's first activities on 17th of January 2003.

The KKS Charite is a service unit of the Charité and supports clinical investigators, instituts and centers of excellence of the Charité.
Our portfolio covers a wide range of services such as planning, preparation and support in conducting clinical studies (IIT and industry-financed studies). The KKS Charité offers a high expertise in successful support of studies of all phases (I to IV) as well as studies regarding medical devices, non-interventional studies and diagnostic or therapeutic measures.

A further service of the KKS Charité is the offering of multiple courses related to the topic of clinical research (please note that all of these courses are German-speaking at this time). The courses are certified by different German public institutions.

Our experienced team successfully supported more than 200 studies during the past 10 years and trained more than 1,000 course participants.

The high quality of our services was confirmed during a system Audit based on the Good Clinical Practice.

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